Celebrating an unforgettable decade

For hundreds of millions of listeners around the world, Spotify will forever be the soundtrack of their 2010s. So as the decade drew to a close, our annual Wrapped campaign looked beyond one year in review, to ten monumental years. With Spotify data at its heart, A Decade Wrapped was a global celebration of the music and moments that moved us all.


· 60+ million visits to Wrapped digital experiences
· #1 Twitter trend for 2 days
· 5+ billion views on Tik Tok
· 2.7 billion impressions on YouTube

The Films

Igniting an epic debate about the best songs of the 2010s—and passing the torch to an artist who will lead us into 2020s.

Global OOH Campaign

Wrapping hundreds of data stories in 21 markets about the decade’s music and culture, and the unexpected intersections between them.

Your 2019 Wrapped

Designing three distinct digital experiences for listeners, artists, and podcasters to explore, relive, and share the unique stories of their decade.

The Decade Wrapped Podcast

The campaign inspired an original podcast that used Spotify data.

How The World Reacted

With over 5 billion impressions on Tik Tok and countless parodies across social media, the internet made Wrapped their own.


8,000+ unique press pieces