Alone With Me: An immersive AI experience of The Weeknd, powered by Spotify data and deep learning technology.

On March 20th, The Weeknd released his soon-to-be #1 album, After Hours. But since fans couldn't see The Weeknd perform last year, we brought The Weeknd to them, giving each fan a personalized one-on-one experience with the biggest artist in the world. Welcome to “Alone With Me” – The After Hours experience.

The experience opens on a life-like version of The Weeknd who seems to know everything about you – your name, your favorite song, how many hours you’ve spent listening to his album, and even the year you started listening to his music.

The microsite then turns into an intimate After Hours listening session, allowing fans to interact with his music in a new and innovative way.

This digital experience re-imagined how an artist could interact with fans,

and more than 600,000 fans visited the site in the first 48 hours.